A little refresher

Just a little refresher for me on indirect data access and pass by reference.


using namespace std;

void Passingbyvalue(int x);
void PassingbyReference(int *x);

int main()
	int betty = 13;
	int sandy = 13;
	int* px;                            //declaration and initialization of pointer

	// PassingbyReference(&sandy);

	px = &sandy;                             //storing address of sandy into pointer
		*px = 99;                            //indirectly made sandy equal to 99

	cout << betty << endl;
	cout << sandy << endl;

	void Passingbyvalue(int x){
		x = 99;

/**	void PassingbyReference(int *x){
		*x = 99;



On line 14 there is the declaration and initialization of the pointer x.
On line 19, the address of sandy is stored in the pointer x
On line 20, sandy is indirectly given the value of 99.

NASA aeronautical research

NASA is currently testing many interesting aeronautical experiments in their Research Centers:

NASA – Aeronautics

a few of their experiments that are somewhat relevant to development of the FPV Glider

NASA – Building a Better Plane

NASA – Glenn Aeronautics Research and Development

NASA – X-48 Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft Makes 100th Test Flight

NASA – Introducing the X-56A MUTT: Who Let the Dog Out?

NASA – New Ideas Sharpen Focus for Greener Aircraft

NASA – Time Magazine Recognizes the X-48B



Starting a solar powered UAV project

Starting a new project on developing a solar powered UAV.

Solar power will be used to keep the aircraft flying at a designated altitude as well as supplying the onboard electronics with constant energy. Most UAVs run on batteries that last for only a few hours, and requires the aircraft to return to base for recharging. This can be extremely costly and even dangerous in some situtations (battlefield) where the need for eyes in the sky is imperative.

Going to be working with Alex, who will help me on creating the CADs for the airframe.

Powder Toy

This is probably one of the most fun simulation/games that I have played. It’s a physics sandbox game very much like Powder Game. You can build a variety of different things, and Powder Toy will accurately simulate pressure, heat, wind, and gravity.

I’ve spent countless hours building things from nuclear reactors powering cities to bunkers being used to test nuclear weapons. I’ve even built a fusion reactor (sort of…it’s not actually possible AFK). Best of all, Powder Toy is free! Design, Build, Blow up. :)


Ants and Efficient Routes

Here is an interesting research article on how ants choose the fastest path to their food. Do they choose the most direct path? Even if it means a slower journey due to the surface, or do they take the path of least time.

And where can I get my hands on Alice bots. Might have to build my own.



Making LaTeX simple

LaTeX is a mathematical mark-up language that enables you to post mathematical expressions. It makes it much easier to post math, but is still hard to use and much like coding. There is an easier way to type out LaTeX syntax for complicated mathematical expressions and formulas.

You will need to download and install the Daum Equation Editor (free). Inside, it will provide you a graphical editor where you can add equations and symbols with ease. At the bottom, it will display the LaTeX syntax that you will post.