This is a simple file integrity monitor/scanner. I started this after the BlackShades incident. Thought it would be a fun project to do, and a great way to learn more about file I/O.
I stopped playing TF2 for a whole day for this?!?!?! ohmygherd so OP.

pengusniffv1 pengusniffv1-2


Was bored. Rewrote Qt calculator example with new ‘engine’ and the ability to define expressions with parenthesis. Will probably add more features for the lawlz. Nuff said.



Ultron, an automatic homework fetcher/parser. I started working on this to reinforce what I learned using Qt. Too bad I don’t have access to my Moodle account anymore, time to add new features.

All of my GUIs look simple and plain. That will be something I will work on when I have time. Learning Qt is pretty fun :)




Learning how to use the Qt Framework for creating GUIs on Linux. My second application is real simple. I call it Moose. This works the same way as, except everything is on your own computer, and you don’t have to worry about third party.

Moose utilizes your local MTA to send emails. Simple GUI allows you to change the To:, From:, Name:, Subject: headers. Depending on how you have your /etc/hosts setup, sending time will differ from a few seconds up to a minute. moose