Team Fortress Sites

Some great sites for Tf2 trading:   (Best price list and most accurate so far, used almost by all trading servers) (Best site for trading items with other people, extremely popular, wouldn’t recommend it for beginners because its filled with scammers. You can also find if items are duplicated here.)   (Another decent price list, I like it because it has free trustable raffles) (Another decent trade website) (Here, you can trade with bots, however, do note that the prices the bots buy at are not always the best) (Shows every single stat on tf2, meaning it shows how many of each item exists. You can also find if items are duplicated here)  (The best page of Tf2 for knowing what an item does and its history)

*not done yet

Baby steps (Quadratic Formula)

Ok, so I just made this really simple quadratics program. At least you don’t need to type in all those numbers anymore. You can just use this.


:Prompt A,B,C
:Disp D,E


Just Joined!

Alright, so I’ll be posting some basic T-84 programs that you can use in your math class. It’ll be related to quadratics, unit circles, etc.


Be ready to see some “action”! (hopefully)