Engie Union

This is just a small collection of photos that show what we engies can accomplish. Trololol.

The Engie Union

Team Fortress Sites

Some great sites for Tf2 trading:

http://backpack.tf/pricelist   (Best price list and most accurate so far, used almost by all trading servers)
http://www.tf2outpost.com/ (Best site for trading items with other people, extremely popular, wouldn’t recommend it for beginners because its filled with scammers. You can also find if items are duplicated here.)
http://tf2spreadsheet.traderempire.com/   (Another decent price list, I like it because it has free trustable raffles)
http://tf2tp.com/ (Another decent trade website)
http://scrap.tf/ (Here, you can trade with bots, however, do note that the prices the bots buy at are not always the best)
http://stats.tf/ (Shows every single stat on tf2, meaning it shows how many of each item exists. You can also find if items are duplicated here)
http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Main_Page  (The best page of Tf2 for knowing what an item does and its history)



*not done yet