RAR Spread > Attemts to infect every RAR on system

USB Spread > Copies itself to USB

Downloader > Downloads and executes a file

Critical process > If process gets killed, it will cause a BSOD

Anti-sandboxie > Anti Sanboxie control

Mutex > Bot will not run twice !

Shell on install > Start a program after install(cmd/calc)

Start installed version after install(So they can delete downloaded)

All settings are RC4 encrypted, so your settings are secure.




[X] ICQ 6 + 7.

Why this?

* Its coded in Visual Basic 6, means no .NET framework needed!

* Its stable

* Gets the job done

* Fast installation!

* 100 downloads = i will add more features, and keep working on it!

* can be compressed with UPX because its in VB6


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