Spoof MAC Address

This is a simple way of gaining unrestricted access to the internet at hotels or coffee shops. You will need to download Cain & Abel and Etherchange. Both software are available freely online. This will not work if you are required to visit a login page before being granted access. You will need to use an injection technique or bruteforce the form for that. I have written a simple bruteforce application, but it’s success rate is very low. Anyway.

1. Install Cain & Abel and run it.
2. Turn on Sniffer and wait until Cain & Abel finds other users on the network. Most users will likely have paid for access and are not just idly sitting on the portal page.
3. Once Cain & Abel has found the MAC addresses for other users on the network, open Command Prompt. You will need to set the directory of where you downloaded Etherchange as the working directory (using ‘CD’).
4. Start Etherchange from the Command Prompt. It will prompt you with options; select option 1. Then enter the MAC address of the computer you want to spoof and press enter.
5. Next, you will need to disable and then re-enable your wireless adapter. This is fairly easy. Go into your network adapter settings, and right click on your adapter. You will find the option to disable there.
6. You should now have the MAC address of your target. Have fun!
7. When you are done, simply start Etherchange again and select option 2. This should re-establish your genuine MAC address.

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